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Wound Care

Knowing how to properly care for a wound is essential for healing. Our at home nurses in Niles, OH are skilled in wound care and offer guidance to our patients so they can clean and dress their wounds when necessary.

    • Assessment, Evaluation and Treatment of Wounds
    • Surgical Wounds, Diabetic Wounds, Pressure Ulcers, and Other Wounds
    • Nurse Supervision of Wound Vacs and Education

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Expand Health at Home has a staff of skilled at-home nurses trained in wound care serving the Niles, Warren, and Youngstown areas. Wound care is a specialized practice, and our method is to promote fast and safe healing to prevent future issues. The treatment plan is overseen by your primary care provider, and patients can enjoy the convenience of home visits to care for their wounds on an ongoing basis.

Our approach to at-home wound care in the Niles area begins with assessing your needs. Every patient is unique and faces different challenges and goals. We take into consideration each patient’s age, overall health, and type of wound before developing a plan. Many factors can affect a patient’s ability to heal properly, so we address them early on in the process. We regularly communicate with the rest of your medical team and will provide you with education and detailed instructions on how to best care for your wound. Our goal is to help provide healthy habits that last, whether you’re in Youngstown, Warren, or Niles. At-home wound care is a convenient solution for patients in our service area who have limited mobility or restricted schedules. Our providers can come straight to your home and provide the care you need. Visits will consist of examining the wound for any changes, cleaning the wound, and properly dressing it.

The staff at Expand Health at Home is committed to providing patients with exceptional service and compassionate care in all areas of health. Our nursing service team in Niles takes the time to understand your unique needs and will create a plan to promote quick and safe healing. We understand the level of trust that’s needed for a home healthcare provider, so we work hard to establish transparency and open communication. All of our patients receive personalized wound care that’s specific to their needs. Our goal is to provide each patient with a plan that prioritizes safe and fast healing. Improper wound care can result in infection and other serious issues, so we make sure to constantly monitor your progress to avoid any setbacks and provide clear instructions so patients can care for themselves when needed. If you or a loved one needs some assistance with at-home wound care in Niles or the surrounding area, contact us today to get started.

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