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Physical, Occupational, 

And Speech Therapy

Expand Health provides physical therapy at home in Niles, Warren, Youngstown, and the surrounding areas. Our physical and occupational therapy services are designed for patients of all ages who have: experienced injuries, health complications, illness, or are in some way impaired by disabilities.

Occupational Therapy:

  • Therapeutic Approach to Improve Routine Tasks
  • Increase Range of Motion, Motor Skills and Activities of Daily Living
  • Examples: Dressing, Hygiene Routine, and Household Activities

Physical Therapy:

  • Promote Optimal Functioning and Increase Safe Ambulation
  • Increase Strength, Flexibility, and Balance
  • Improve Endurance and Mobility
  • Orthopedic and Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Speech Therapy:

  • Therapeutic Approach to Improve Speech, Language, and Communication
  • Improve Feeding and Swallowing Skills
  • Therapeutic Support after Injury or Illness, including stroke rehab or Dementia

Feel The Change

Don’t Be Sidelined By Injury

Injuries can occur at any stage of life, and it’s important to set a good foundation for recovery. This is where physical therapy comes into play. Our therapists know the best strategies to promote safe and long-lasting recovery. Physical therapy requires consistency and motivation for success. Shortcuts often lead to setbacks, so don’t be tempted to rush your recovery process.

Occupational therapy is another treatment option that’s more specialized to day-to-day activities. Certain injuries, illnesses, and disabilities can create challenges for completing everyday tasks, so occupational therapists help provide a treatment plan to address those issues. Our therapists work with patients to help teach adaptability so they can live their lives to their fullest potential with minimal difficulty and pain. Patients with low vision or limited mobility can benefit from occupational therapy. Therapists can also teach patients how to use assistive devices, if needed.

When you choose Expand Health at Home, you’ll enjoy the convenience of skilled occupational and physical therapy at home. We serve Niles, Youngstown, Warren, and surrounding communities. We can work around your schedule, and you don’t have to worry about transportation or other barriers that prevent you from receiving the care you deserve. Physical and occupational therapy are important services for many patients, and we aim to provide high-quality and effective solutions. Inviting a healthcare provider into your home requires a high level of trust, which we work hard to earn and maintain. We value respect and open communication with all of our services and make sure our patients feel safe and dignified while working with us. Many patients are hesitant to accept help, so we make sure to provide comfortable and attentive occupational, speech, and physical therapy at home. Whether in Niles, Youngstown, or any of the surrounding areas, our goal is to promote healing and autonomy for patients. Healing the body after an injury and relearning daily tasks can be a difficult process, so therapists are available to help. We’ll come straight to your home so you can recover in a familiar environment. If you’re ready to begin your recovery, contact our team in Niles to learn more about physical therapy at home or to schedule an evaluation.

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