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Medical Social Worker

If you’re struggling to deal with the complexities of the healthcare system, our team of medical social workers is here to help. As part of our home health services in Niles, OH, our social workers for elderly, injured, or special needs patients advocate for your loved ones’ best interests and provide compassionate support.

    • Coordinate Community Resources for Patients and Families
    • Assist Families with Education and Support
    • Psychosocial Assessment and Treatment Plan

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Medical social workers are an essential component of today’s healthcare system, as they are trained to navigate all of the social and bureaucratic challenges that many patients face. Going beyond the physical needs of patients, our Niles-based social workers for the elderly, injured, and special needs individuals can provide support for psychological and social challenges related to the healthcare and insurance systems.

People are often most vulnerable after a hospital stay and can understandably get overwhelmed with the many decisions they have to make. Social workers in the medical field are in the unique position to offer guidance and support to patients and their families when they need it most. As most of us know, the U.S. healthcare system can be quite difficult to navigate, so social workers are there to ease that burden. Their education and training consists of a unique combination of crisis management and critical thinking skills. Emotional support often isn’t prioritized in health care, which makes medical social workers especially beneficial to patients and their families. Our services offer the additional convenience of care in your home. A qualified medical social worker can come to your home at your convenience and offer the support you need.

Our team of medical social workers is here to help guide you through your healthcare journey. If you or a loved one recently had a hospital stay or are facing chronic health issues, we can help figure out the best plan for your needs. We serve the Warren-Youngstown-Niles areas, and our social workers for the elderly and special needs or injured persons are clinically trained to understand how to best advocate for our patients. We rely on honest communication to provide exceptional service and work hard to earn and maintain your trust. Every patient is treated as an individual and with the respect they deserve. Many patients are hesitant to accept help in stressful situations, but we encourage you to connect and see how we can support you. Healthcare challenges shouldn’t be faced alone, and we’re confident that we can provide a level of service that will put you at ease. Our goal is to provide the highest quality patient care, so you can rest assured that we’ll be by your side through any difficulties.

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