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Elderly individuals or patients with special healthcare needs can benefit from our home health nurses in Niles, OH, and the surrounding area. We can provide general health monitoring to ensure you or a loved one is safe at home.

    • Extension of Nursing Team under the Supervision of RN
    • Assist Patients with Bathing, Dressing and Grooming
    • Provide Help with Toileting and Feeding

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Cherishing Your Life

Expand Health at Home in Niles, OH, offers home health nursing services that assist in a variety of basic medical tasks. Many patients who benefit from these services are elderly or have special health needs that require regular monitoring. Ensuring that your loved one remains safe and healthy is the primary goal of a home health nurse.

Home health nurses are often responsible for basic healthcare monitoring, where they might check vital signs on a regular basis. Any significant changes in blood pressure, respiration, or pulse would then be relayed to a skilled nurse or other healthcare professional who can follow up to decide on next steps. Monitoring a patient’s mental and physical health is also an important skill of a home health nurse, who can identify any signs of decline like forgetfulness or new difficulties in moving. These would also be communicated to another health professional for further assessment.

We understand the sensitivity of utilizing home health services for a loved one who may not feel the need for it. At Expand Health in Niles, we approach at-home elder and special needs care with honesty and respect to ensure that the relationship is built on trust. We can help navigate these difficult situations to make sure that our patients maintain their dignity while getting the help they need.

The team at Expand Health at Home is here to provide compassionate care through our home health nurses in the Niles, OH, area, as well as other in-home services. Each patient receives personalized care from a skilled and experienced provider. We understand that any type of care provided in a patient’s home requires the highest level of professionalism and trust. Exceptional service and genuine compassion sets our team apart, and our goal is to ensure our patients feel respected and safe in our care. Open communication and a commitment to patient dignity are also at the core of our values. Selecting a home health service can be a difficult process, so we invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about what we offer in the Youngstown, Warren, and Niles areas. Our home health nurses and other services allow you or a loved one to maintain a sense of independence while also giving you peace of mind knowing that all needs are being met.

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